What the painter, Ms. Kim, most concerns is an introspection of life. Her prefers topics mostly immaterial and metaphysical. This reflects her artist cliché of an inside view. All through her works, she respects a viewpoint of soul. She tries to clarify the soul of a human, that determines and dictates his inner life well revealed in both values and mentality. On the other hand, she seeks the meaning of his outer life mirrored in actions and activities in terms of soul. Soul means to the painter a window to life both inner and outer.

An Introduction to the Kim Sinza Exhibition at Moa Gallery in Korea

By Soku Hong,

March 19 2008/NW



- 2012-June-06~10 City Museum of Art- Okazaki, Japan

- 2011-June-08~12 City Museum of Art- Okazaki, Japan


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